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Teknel s.r.l. - Wiring and connectors

TEKNEL srl is an Italian company based in Zingonia near Bergamo . It operates on a surface of 6000 square meters, 2500 of which are covered. The control department , the two testing laboratories and our production area are equipped with the best tools and machines of the last generation, all supported by a computer network which provides for production's planning and telemetry .


TEKNEL was founded in 1978 as a small firm specialized in the designing and production of M8 -M12 and automotive . With the co-operation of ALCORTEK, firm specialized in wirings , the two companies have provided for many years a full service to the needs of the clients. In 2010, after a historic co-operation between the two companies , TEKNEL acquired 100% of ALCORTEK.

TEKNEL distinguishes itself in the industrial market for the quality of its products and the partnership with its customers.


Over the years TEKNEL has been working in order to realize a suitable electric wiring for every type of appication, introducing the concept of product customization .

Today TEKNEL has more than 4000 products , designed and manufactured to satisfy any request of the client.
In 1985 started a significant experience in the field of the overmolded connection ; It begins to operate in the fields of telecommunication and Automation, after a few years of activity it stated itself in the automotive sector becaming an important reference for many European industries expecially in Germany.


Our company is settled in order to meet and respect the ISO9001 rules. Moreover, Teknel works with all the major suppliers of cars manufacturers and is present in all industrial and automation areas