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Resinatrice e tagliaTEKNEL production and test department has the following production machinery:

Production Machinery:

  • 4 presses for plastic injection molding (both vertical and horizontal) ARBURG of different tonnage;
  • 1 Press for molding plastic injection with mobile mold, TURRA;
  • 1 Molding machine in HOT-MELT;
  • 3 cutting lines for single and multicore cables of which : unwinder , cutter machine, draws -stripping machine, stacking machine , and skein machine binder;
  • 1 automatic machine for cutting, stripping and crimping;
  • 10 stations for crimping;
  • 107 Mini applicators for crimping (Inarca);
  • bi-components semiautomatic dosing machine;
  • 2 Crimpers at MIL rules.

Equipment for the production control:

  • 2 control equipment to verify connectors impermeability;
  • 2 Equipment to control the connectors flexibility;
  • 4 Computers to control low voltage, high voltage, short circuit and reverse polarity;
  • 1 X-rays machine;
  • 2 manual dynamometers;
  • 1 digital automatic dynamometer;
  • 1 digital Altimeter;
  • 1 Microscope;
  • 1 Profile Projector.