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Why Choose Teknel

Quality of components

The material used in the production of circular connectors is of the highest quality and all certificated.


  • High durability and weather-resistant;
  • Resistant to a wide range of temperature;
  • High elasticity and resistance to bending, unlike PVC and PA66.

Turned contacts at crimping:

  • Turned contacts, full and crimped in accordance with MIL rules;
  • Increased number of pairs of connectors unlike the strip contacts;
  • Easy coupling between connectors;
  • Best signal transmission;
  • Better resistance to vibration unlike soldering contacts.

Quality Controls

All production processes are constantly monitored and we have the ability to make checks and specific tests inside our department such as:

  • X-rays;
  • Impermeability test;
  • Electrical test;
  • Temperature test;
  • Flexibility test.


Thanks to the excellent production planning and management of purchasing orders we guarantee:

  • Just- in time delivery;
  • 2/4 week as standard lead time.


We guarantee a wide range of products.

Customized Products

We are able to offer, thanks to our knowledge gained over time and high tecnology technical department, the possibility to produce any type of connection or wiring required by the client.


In competition with the big names in the industry we guarantee a great value / price / service / delivery that makes us competitive all over the world.